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Blood games – Shoot your opponents and have fun!

Blood games are designed for everyone especially for young boys who love to get real thrilling with games. Also, this category of games is also most favorite category for those who are full energetic with their violent and powerful characteristic. If you looking for best blood games that can give you full of fun and excitement then this article is for you. There are some blood games that offer not only the additional features as compared to others but these games are also able to satisfy the taste of every player who is powerful.

Here are the most played, newest and most famous bloody games. Please remember, the blood games are just games and you should not try these techniques at your home or school rather you can apply your techniques to kill your enemies just in this virtual world of gaming. If your child is little enough that he cannot understand what is good or wrong in real life, then do not let him to play such games. Otherwise these are perfect games for adults. As the name implies, in all bloody games when you kill your enemy you will see its blood spread on surrounding area. These games are not for those who cannot tolerate blood and violence such games.

Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2: 
There is a prisoner in this game and you have several ways to hurt and kill him. Before playing this game, please read all instructions carefully so that you can learn different ways to kill the prisoner. All control to kill a prison will bring you to the same results, “death of the prisoner”. To play this game, only thing that you need is mouse. The online blood games website will provide you with important information and some options to kill your prisoner. You can choose the option that you think is best for you by using muse.

Ray Part 1:
This is not simply a movie part and to play this interesting game, you will need to select your own fate. Behind every decision that you will made in game, there will be its corresponding number. You will add up all these numbers at the end in order to check that how you better from other gamers. There are also various choices in this game that will let you to die and then the game will take you back to initial stage.
Rage 1:
This blood game has unlimited killing actions so you must play this game. Once you played rage 1, you will become its fan. Its first part will knock your mind by providing great actions from a stickman.

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